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Insider's Guide to Buying a Quality-Built Apartment

16 September 2020

View an insider’s guide to finding a quality apartment, considering elements like location, transport, schools, amenity, infrastructure & construction quality.

First Home Buyer site

The Mirvac First Home Buyer Hub

27 July 2020

Mirvac have curated a wealth of useful information to help first home buyers on the path towards home ownership. Our hub features step-by-step guides, information about buying power, pathways to success and more.

Simple Style Tips

Master Property: Simple Style Tips

19 February 2019

In the final episode of the property masterclass series our design experts provide useful tips on how to style your home.

Understanding Kitchen Design

Master Property: Understanding Kitchen Design

19 February 2019

We speak to planning and design experts and visit the Mirvac testing lab to better understand how to design a stylish and functional kitchen.

Maximising your floorplan

Master Property: Learn How to Maximise Your Floor Plan

21 November 2018

Learn how to maximise your home's floorplan from the Mirvac masterclass. From creating zones in your home and the importance of scale.

How to buy off the plan

Master Property: How to Buy Off The Plan

02 November 2018

We talk to first home buyers, industry experts and successful investors for their top tips when buying off the plan.

How to Enter the Property Market

Master Property: What You Need to Know to Understand the Market

11 October 2018

Understand the market by watching the Mirvac masterclass. From location, good design and amenity, what makes a good investment?

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Benefits of Buying Off the Plan

02 November 2017

What are the benefits of buying off the plan? Time to plan for your home's settlement, greater property choice and after sales service are just a few.

8 Steps to Buying your New Home Thumbnail

8 Steps to Buying Your New Home

22 October 2017

Read our Mirvac Residential 8 step guide to buying a new home. Whether it's an apartment or house, these tips will help you from finance to settlement.

Expert Advice on How to Style your New Home

Experts on How to Style your New Home

22 May 2017

See expert advice on styling your new home. Read about selecting artwork, choosing colour palettes for your home and how to design for your floorplan.

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Thriving Off the Plan

15 January 2017

See tips for buying off the plan from Mirvac Residential. Understand researching developers, value for money and tax depreciations for off the plan property.