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8 Steps to Buying your New Home Thumbnail

8 Steps to Buying Your New Home

22 October 2017

Read our Mirvac Residential 8 step guide to buying a new home. Whether it's an apartment or house, these tips will help you from finance to settlement.

Expert Advice on How to Style your New Home

Experts on How to Style your New Home

22 May 2017

See expert advice on styling your new home. Read about selecting artwork, choosing colour palettes for your home and how to design for your floorplan.

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Thriving Off the Plan

15 January 2017

See tips for buying off the plan from Mirvac Residential. Understand researching developers, value for money and tax depreciations for off the plan property.

Viewing an off the plan property

Viewing an Off The Plan Property

17 December 2016

See our guide for viewing your off the plan property. Prior to settlement, purchasers will walk through their new home and learn about their new home.

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Financing your first home

22 October 2016

How to finance your first home guide. Read tips for getting a mortgage as a first home buyer. From checking your credit score to saving tips.


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