Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

8th February 2022

There’s nothing better than seeing good neighbours become good friends and for residents of Mirvac’s new masterplanned community in Greenbank, Everleigh, it’s a sight that’s become increasingly common.

Fostering a strong neighbourhood was always front of mind in the planning of Everleigh. Before a single lot had sold a Community Engagement Manager was appointed to ensure a welcoming and friendly environment for residents from the outset. 

The success of the strategy can be seen in the many life-long friendships that have formed and the increasing number of multi-generational family groups that have established homes. 

Located 30 kilometres south-west of the Brisbane CBD, Everleigh is now home to over 400 residents and by completion will feature more than 3,000 homes. Among the new residents are Teagan Hadley and Connor Chowns, who were so enamoured upon visiting Everleigh they decided to move in, becoming the fourth household in the family to do so. 

The pair follow Teagan’s parents, uncle and cousins, and grandparents in calling the community home, drawn to the freedom of owning their own home while still having family close at hand. 

“We’re increasingly seeing residents tap into this new spin on multi-generational living, where instead of sharing one home, family members purchase multiple homes within the same community,” says General Manager, Residential Development QLD, Warwick Bible. 

“They get all the perks of living with family while maintaining a sense of privacy and independence. 

“The Hadley families are a great example of this and they are not alone. There are several extended Everleigh families who are enjoying the support and social benefits of this type of living.” 

Residents without family within the community are creating their own network of support, building friendships and sharing experiences. When Christy and Istvan Gyori moved into Everleigh, they didn’t know a soul. Now, they have best friends living next door and a street full of mates. 

The Gyori family and their neighbours are now inseparable, sharing babysitting and organising group social events - and have even started a community fitness group. The ‘Empowering Positive Mindset’ group encourages neighbours to share their health and fitness journeys, meeting in Everleigh’s Leaf Park several times a week, with more than 170 fans following their page on social media. 

Top Right: Teagan Hadley and Connor Chowns

Bottom Left: Christy and Istvan Gyori

Bottom Right: Everleigh, Greenbank

Greenbank, Everleigh

“Getting to know your neighbours stays true to the Australian culture of mateship and benefits everyone involved,” says Mr Bible. 

“Finding friendship and loyalty within a tight-knit community can help to keep a neighbourhood safe, social, and provide that ‘village’ of support, so often missing from modern lives.” 

Everleigh’s Community Engagement team, Enriching Communities Greenbank, runs a range of activities and events for Greenbank locals throughout the year, including after school sports, a park playgroup and sunset yoga. 

There’s also a fortnightly coffee group for seniors that encourages older people to socialise. One regular member of the coffee group says it took her three attempts to work up the courage to attend her first coffee catchup. She met a neighbour who had been living just four doors down for years. They are now best friends and see each other every day.  

Group organisers say it’s done wonders to promote friendships and social independence for older members of the community. Kym and Deb are also members of the seniors’ coffee group and unofficial ambassadors for Everleigh residents. As one of the first homes upon entry to Everleigh, they take their landscaping seriously, with their yard serving as a beacon to other residents who turn to the friendly couple for gardening advice. 

It’s proven a real winner, with the couple taking out Enriching Communities Greenbank’s recent Grateful Gardens competition. They’re also dedicated volunteers at community events, with Kym reprising his all-important role as Santa Claus at the Christmas street party. 

“It’s characters and community minded people like Kym and Deb who really set the tone for a warm and welcoming neighbourhood, where members look out for each other and provide a healthy network of support for fellow residents,” says Mr Bible. 

“Time and time again we’re told by our residents it’s the sense of community we have here at Everleigh that makes them proud to call it home. 

“It’s a quality that’s evident as soon as you pass the entry statement with neighbourhood pride showing in the beautifully landscaped yards, residents socialising and walking the network of pathways together, and the regular events and activities held in Everleigh that connect residents to each other and to the broader community.” 

It’s not just in-person events connecting Everleigh residents, with virtual neighbourhood groups helping community members stay in touch, whether it’s to share leftover turf, report a missing pet or organise play dates. The original Facebook group, started by Enriching Communities Greenbank as a private space for residents, has spurred on the creation of more groups, including the Everleigh Parents’ Group, Everleigh Tool Share and the Everleigh Estate Greenbank Qld Community Group. 

Mr Bible says the popularity of Everleigh’s online spaces is further testament to the cohesive nature of the community. 

“Social media is certainly helping to bolster the neighbourhood’s offline relationships with the ease of online communication,” he says. “It’s an incredible asset for residents to be able to reach out to their neighbours directly for social, business or community opportunities.” 

Everleigh also plays a direct role in supporting businesses run by residents, engaging their services for community events where, using their products for gift campaigns and welcome packs for new residents, and promoting local brands through the website’s blog. 

“It’s all part of the give-back ethos that is central to a positive and friendly community. We are so proud of the neighbourhood we helped to create at Everleigh and continue to be inspired by the efforts of residents to build on this foundation and establish a caring community here in the heart of Greenbank,” says Mr Bible. 

Location: Greenbank, QLD 
Information Centre: 56 Kessells Blvd, Greenbank 
(07) 3859 5960  


Mirvac acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters of Australia, and we offer our respect to their Elders past and present.  

Artwork: ‘Reimagining Country’, created by Riki Salam (Mualgal, Kaurareg, Kuku Yalanji) of We are 27 Creative.