Property Investment Strategies

13th July 2017

Property Investment Strategies broken down. What you need to know before you make your next move.

Investing in property isn't always simple. While there are a multitude of ways to go about it and (dare we say) family and friends ready to give you their "foolproof advice", there's a few different approaches you may like to consider before you take the leap.  

Strategy 1: Go For Cash Flow 

A technique highly favoured by beginner investors, or perhaps those with a more modest income, is the cash flow strategy. The plan here is to invest in a second property where the rental return is higher than the cost of the mortgage repayments, so you have a bit of extra cash to stow away or reinvest in something else. With this plan, you will also be better off in an economic downturn, because as long as the rental income still covers the mortgage repayments, you don't have to stress about selling in a hurry. 

Strategy 2: Play The Waiting Game 

A more long-term way to invest, is to choose an investment property with foreseeable capital growth. Perhaps an area which is on the verge of an upturn, or an already established, desirable suburb. Things to consider with this are if your new property is close to desirable amenities such as shops, parks and schools? It may not matter to you in the short term, but keep it in mind as this will increase the value of the property if you are thinking about selling or refinancing down the track.  
Strategy 3: Live In, Trade Up  

When you're not so keen on having the burden of a second property and would prefer to focus on paying off your current mortgage, (sourcing tenants and regular maintenance aren't your thing!) this is a similar tactic to the waiting game, except you are actually living in the property. Here you should aim to buy a property when the market is at a low, then sell at the peak. The downside to house-hopping? You may have to rent or stay with family between homes.  

Strategy 4: Renovate Away 

So you've found a decent sized block in an area you like, however the property on it is a bit of a doer-upper. The upside here is you can add instant value to a property by renovating it, even when the market is stagnate. However, you will have to do your research, budget correctly and be prepared to put in the hard yards to polish that diamond. 

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