The 3 Tests You Need For Your Home

17th April 2019

Mirvac Design explains why it's so important to test the surfaces of your home for quality and durability to ensure they stand the test of time.

Head of Mirvac Design Victor Wong says as well as looking great a kitchen needs to be comfortable, easy to clean and able to cope with the rigours of life.

“At Mirvac we are well versed in the latest international and local design trends, members of our team attend international trade fairs and almost every week we are briefed on a new product entering the market,” he said.

“And while it is important to be up to date with design trends I believe our real skill and, what sets a Mirvac apart, is that we translate these trends for real life."

“Mirvac customers fall in love with the design and the schemes we create for each Mirvac project, but what is critical is that after 10 years or more they still love their kitchen, because it has stood up the test of time.” - Head of Mirvac Design Victor Wong

Benchtops, walls and floors must look good, but they must also be the hardest working materials in a home.

Tomato sauce, ajax and lemon are not an interior designer’s usual tools of trade. Yet surprisingly they play a critical role in the design of Mirvac homes.

Before any material is specified for a Mirvac apartment or house, it undergoes extensive testing in the Mirvac Design lab. From shoe polish to soap, a vast range of common household products are applied to each surface. They are then removed at various time intervals: one day, one week and three weeks. These three separate timeframe tests are key. Some substances may be easily cleaned off at a week, but in real life stains are often not so quickly removed. 

The Mirvac Design lab tests again at three weeks to ensure surfaces will stand up to real life. Only products that pass the Mirvac Design lab’s series of 3 tests will be deemed suitable for a Mirvac property.


Mirvac acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters of Australia, and we offer our respect to their Elders past and present.  

Artwork: ‘Reimagining Country’, created by Riki Salam (Mualgal, Kaurareg, Kuku Yalanji) of We are 27 Creative.