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First Home Buyer Hub

18 February 2021

We asked First Home Buyers from across the country what challenges they faced, and our team of experts have curated a wealth of useful information to help guide them on the path towards home ownership.

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Insider's Guide to Buying a Quality-Built Apartment

22 August 2020

View an insider’s guide to finding a quality apartment, considering elements like transparency, track record, longevity and, accountability.

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How to Purchase Off the Plan

29 July 2019

Whether you are buying a property to own or as an investment, research will play an important role. Learn how to buy off the plan.

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National Economic Update

09 July 2019

Mirvac's 2019 National Economic Property Update explored by property experts.

Simple Style Tips
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Master Property: Simple Style Tips

11 January 2019

See simple home interior design tips for lighting, choosing art in your home and more.

Understanding Kitchen Design
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Master Property: Understanding Kitchen Design

28 November 2018

Learn about what goes into kitchen design from the Mirvac Masterclass. Understand storage in your kitchen, how to maximise bench space, kitchen appliances and more.

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Property Investing Strategies for First Home Buyers

27 November 2018

Follow these simple strategies to help find an investment property that meets all your criteria.

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Location, location: What to consider before you buy

21 November 2018

How to choose the right area to buy in? See our tips for knowing where to buy property, from buying an investment property to a forever home.

How to Maximise your floorplan
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Master Property: Learn How to Maximise Your Floor Plan

21 November 2018

In episode three of The Mirvac Masterclass we interview design and planning experts for their advice on how to ensure you choose a floor plan that will “feel” right.

How to buy off the plan
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Master Property: How to Buy Off The Plan

12 November 2018

In episode two of The Mirvac Masterclass, we interview successful first home buyers, investors, industry experts and Tanya Buchanan.

How to Enter the Property Market
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Master Property: What You Need to Know to Understand the Market

09 November 2018

Understand the market by watching the Mirvac masterclass. From location, good design and amenity, what makes a good investment?