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How to Style a Blank Canvas

29 July 2019

Read about how 10 apartments were styled to suit different aesthetics. From art to furnishings, see how the spaces come to life.

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Building Safety For All

29 July 2019

A unique partnership provides refuge for at-risk Queensland families.

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Building With The Best

29 July 2019

Having an in-house development and architecture practice, which works alongside its building teams, makes for a seamless operation at Mirvac.

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How to Kondo Your Home

25 July 2019

Learn how to organise your home with Marie Kondo's organising principles, which principally revolves around only keeping items that “spark joy”.

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Neighbourhood Know-How

24 July 2019

A specialist community program across NSW ensures residents feel connected to each other and their neighbourhood.

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Part 2: What Makes A Home Stand The Test Of Time

14 July 2019

A crucial driver in creating and cultivating great residential design that stands the test of time is understanding that no matter where you live it is important to feel part of a community and be surrounded by inspiring spaces.

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The Best Laid Plans

13 July 2019

Read about one Melbourne's couples off the plan journey to downsizing from a house to an apartment.


Part 1: What Makes A Home Stand The Test Of Time

11 July 2019

Explore design fundamentals that make a home truly stand the test of time. From quality building materials to well designed spaces.

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Making It Personal

10 July 2019

See how to design an apartment for your own unique style like our resident in Queensland.

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property tips

National Economic Update

09 July 2019

Mirvac's 2019 National Economic Property Update explored by property experts.


Inspired by the Queen's Birthday: Ideas to Celebrate Special Occasions at Home

04 June 2019

Want to know what it takes to pull off a great party at home along with a virtual celebration? We asked the experts at En Pointe Events for their top tips.