COVID-19 Building Operations

1st June 2020

Mirvac Office & Industrial buildings remain open and operating, ensuring that your workplaces are available as you need them. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our customers and continue to have staff onsite to ensure our assets are running smoothly, whilst closely monitoring all regular information in relation to COVID-19 from the Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organization.

Mirvac has been working tirelessly to ensure our buildings will allow a measured return to the office. Many operating procedures have been modified to ensure the safety of anyone working in, or visiting, our offices.

Entering & Exiting the Building

Entry requirements apply to anyone entering buildings including employees, customers, contractors, visitors and shoppers. Anyone entering a Mirvac building must observe the social distancing measures that have been put in place. 

Mirvac will install signage, and where possible, floor decals displaying social distancing recommendations. Where practicable, Mirvac utilise separate entry and exit points to ensure the free flow of people through the space.  In some cases where adequate access and egress can be maintained, revolving doors may be closed off entirely.


Based on State and Federal Government social distancing restrictions, Mirvac has introduced a range of precautionary measures for lift lobbies and lift cars in common areas. These include:

  • Mirvac will install floor decals within lift cars to encourage the adherence to social distancing guidelines. These markers will help maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres to the extent possible in these spaces.  We ask that anyone entering our buildings comply with these important guidelines. We will work with, and encourage tenants, to anticipate longer transit times through lobbies and lifts whilst social distancing protocols remain in place.
  • Occupants and other lift users are required to form an orderly queue while waiting for lifts. Floor decals and markers will help people observe the required 1.5 metre separation in the lift lobby area.  
  • Mirvac encourages building occupants to use access cards or other items, rather than using fingers to press lift buttons.
  • Cleaning of all high-touch areas within the lobby and lift areas has been increased. Hand sanitising stations have also been installed in all common areas.
  • To avoid congestion during peak times Mirvac suggests staggered start times for building occupants.
  • Where possible, concierge and security teams will help monitor lift traffic and be available to help with traffic management. 


Crowd management and movement, within common areas, is key to minimising social interaction in the office environment. Mirvac will install floor decals and other signage throughout the lobby and common areas to help people remember to keep physical distances of 1.5 metres from each other. Crowd movement control will help protect the safety of our occupants, visitors and contractors when they are in the ground floor lobby, entering the building or lift lobbies during peak times. Where possible building concierge or security will help provide guidance to people who do not follow social distancing measures. During the transition period, we suggest all tenants consider minimising visitors to site if a meeting can be conducted via technology.

You can download the below flyer for easy reference if required.

COVID flyer