COVID-19 Cleaning

1st June 2020

Cleaning of all high touch points has been increased and we continue to provide hand sanitising stations in common areas of our buildings. Posters and lift screens are in place to remind people to continue practicing proven hygiene activities that will minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Common Area Cleaning

Across all of our assets we will continue to be proactive and increase cleaning using full disinfectant on hard surfaces, high touch points and high traffic areas. We’ve installed hand sanitising stations, bins that do not require you to touch to open and "stop the spread" signage. For abundant caution Mirvac has also issued a health notice to all of our cleaning and security contractors and all of our service providers. We have introduced additional sign-in procedures for all external visitors and service providers to confirm they are not experiencing symptoms or otherwise feeling unwell, have not visited a high-risk country or been in contact with anyone who is confirmed or suspected of having the virus, and will abide by physical distancing guidelines within the building. 

Tenancy Cleaning

Tenancy Cleaning remains a top priority in all our assets. If you would like to increase the frequency of cleaning within your tenancy, please speak to your cleaning provider directly or let your Mirvac team member know.