Safely Using Building Amenity

1st June 2020

Mirvac amenities and End-of-Trip facilities have been designed to add exceptional service and convenience to our customers' worklife. Unless otherwise required by SafeWork Australia or government guidelines, our End-of-Trip facilities will remain open to use.


During COVID-19 we anticipate increased demand for our End-of-Trip (EOT) facilities and bike storage areas. These spaces are integral to supporting occupants return to work, particularly for those people who wish to avoid public transport by enabling them to run, ride or walk to work.   Mirvac believes that EOT facilities support an important physical distancing measure.  EOT and bike storage facilities will remain open with a view that each tenant will make their own decision as to whether their staff should continue using these facilities. If an organisation decides that its staff should not use the EOT facilities, please inform building management who will remove card access, to the facilities, for those staff.   For those tenants who elect to continue using EOT facilities, management will ensure that occupants are aware of the risks involved in using them.  Mirvac continues to maintain increased cleaning and sanitisation regimes to help protect the health and wellbeing in our workplaces and reduce the risk of transmission.

Seating in common areas and food precincts has been reduced or removed to meet Government-mandated criteria for appropriate physical distancing. Mirvac may choose to close lobby seating areas on an asset-by-asset basis. Mirvac asks tenants, occupants and visitors to ensure they abide by physical distancing rules in lobbies. 

Lobby Cafes and Precincts

As restrictions in relation to hospitality and retail are eased by State Governments, Mirvac will be communicating with our retailers to support their return to trade. Tenants and occupants visiting cafes and restaurants must adhere to the physical distancing measures stipulated by State Governments. As part of our support program for retailers, Mirvac is providing guidance including signage templates, and suggesting physical distancing floor decals. Building Management will provide retailers with guidance on physical distancing measures. 

Loading Dock

The loading dock is for the use of building contractors and couriers only. Should tenants require contractor access to the loading dock, requests will  need to be made via the Mirvac Tenant Liaison Centre with a time and date specified for use.  Sites with onsite security presence have already implemented controls to manage COVID-19 risk. In consultation with the security services provider we have installed a signage pack to provide physical distancing guidance for visitors and contractors to the back of house areas including the security office, Rapid Induct terminal(s), goods lift and loading dock.  The security services providers will help monitor signage guidance.