WeShow is our Australian-first rapid delivery concept, allowing online brands and entrepreneurs to connect with a new audience in a physical retail space.  It is a sustainable and dynamic retail solution that removes the barriers to entry into bricks and mortar for our future retail partners. 
Physical stores provide brands the ability to showcase their products and engage more deeply with their audience. It’s no secret the most successful brands operate across both the online and physical retail channels in an integrated way. This is associated with brand knowledge and trust driving confidence amongst consumers to spend. WeShow is a full-service solution and partnership between Mirvac’s Retail Team and the brand partner. We provide support, with access to our team of retail experts including design, visual merchandisers and marketing specialists throughout the process. To deliver on this concept, we have created a new modular fit out solution that can be what the brand wants to make it. Flexible for any evolving space, this fit out product, proprietary to Mirvac, is reusable and adaptable to each specific site. 
WeShow is currently being piloted at East Village and is open for new brand partner opportunities until December 2021.