Mirvac’s award winning innovation program

Mirvac named #1 most innovative property and construction company from the Financial Review Most Innovative Companies


The Hatch innovation program has been at the heart of Mirvac’s customer-centric approach since 2014. Hatch is a platform to facilitate a strategic approach to innovation at Mirvac and ensure it is supported by a robust innovation process, funding, resources, and innovation strategy. With these structures and support in place, Mirvac has created a strong innovation culture and capability.


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The Process:

  • The program is supported by a rigorous innovation process to ensure a disciplined approach to thinking.
  • Ensuring we do not jump straight into ‘solution mode’ without understanding the problem to be solved, considering a range of alternative solutions, and testing ideas leanly and cheaply.
  • The video below explains the Hatch process in detail (3mins).


  • We have cultivated a culture where innovation is something everyone can engage with. 
  • We continue to work on creating a “safe to fail” environment – after all, to achieve great things we need to take risks. 
  • We are also building a culture that celebrates diversity of thinking and encourages diverse view points and perspectives.

Innovation champions:

  • Hatch is supported by a network of Innovation Champions
  • Innovation is formally built into each of the Champion’s job descriptions
  • There is a 2-3 day time allocation per month to focus on innovation
  • Demographic ‘slice’ of the organisation and are a mix of seniorities, locations and divisions
  • 50 Champions across the business
  • Undergo an intensive 4 months training program in customer-centric innovation
  • Champions act as advocates and guardians of innovation throughout the company
  • Key responsibilities include driving behaviours, and embedding cultural change at the front line. 
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Missions & Business Projects:

  • Mirvac has defined 8 Innovation ‘Missions’.
  • Aligned with the Group Strategy, this is where we want to focus our innovation efforts.
  • The missions include a mix of ‘incremental missions’ (focusing on smaller step changes and improvements), as well as ‘disruptive’ missions (focusing more on breakthrough or game changing ideas). 
  • The methodology has now spread well beyond the missions and projects and is used as part of Business As Usual. 
  • The Hatch process has been used on 16 projects including ATP (Office), Reimagine Recognition (HR) and Reimagine Urban Life (Group wide).

Hatch core team:

  • The success of the Hatch program, has resulted in a dedicated full-time innovation team to support progress on Missions, and help the business apply the Hatch process to various business projects. 
  • The team consists of a Group General Manager of Innovation, and Lead Innovators. The team has expert knowledge in best-practice innovation and works closely with the entire Mirvac business.