Mirvac Group

Estimated distribution for the six months ending 30 June 2014

Mirvac Group (“Mirvac”) [ASX: MGR] – formed by the stapling of Mirvac Limited (ABN 92 003 280 699) shares and Mirvac Property Trust (ARSN 086 780 645) units (“Stapled Securities”).

We refer to Listing Rules 3.20, 3.21 and Appendices 3A (1) and 6A (1) and advise the following:

1. The record date in respect of the distribution for the six months ending 30 June 2014 will be 7.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time (“AEST”)) on Monday, 30 June 2014 (the “Record Date”) to determine securityholders’ entitlements to the distribution.

2. Mirvac’s Stapled Securities will be quoted ex-distribution on Thursday, 26 June 2014.

3. For securityholders holding Stapled Securities the estimated distribution per Stapled Security is 4.6 cents being a distribution from Mirvac Property Trust only. No dividend is being paid from Mirvac Limited.

4. Payment of the distribution will be made on or around Thursday, 28 August 2014.

5. Mirvac’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan will not apply for this distribution.

6. No conduit foreign income is applicable for this distribution.

Mirvac Property Trust declares that it expects to be a managed investment trust for the purposes of sub-division 12-H of Schedule 1 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 in respect of the income year ending 30 June 2014. The components of this distribution will be advised no later than the day of payment of this distribution.