NSW Internship Program 2018

About Mirvac

Mirvac is a leading, diversified Australian property group, with an integrated development and asset management capability. We have 45 years of experience in the property industry and an unmatched reputation for delivering superior products and services across our businesses.

Principally located in Australia's four key cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Mirvac owns and manages assets across the office, retail and industrial sectors, with over $18 billion of assets currently under management. Our development activities allow us to create and deliver innovative and high-quality commercial assets and residential projects for our customers, while driving long-term value for our securityholders.

Our integrated approach gives us a competitive advantage in the creation of quality assets across the entire lifecycle of a project; from planning through to design, construction and development, leasing, property management and long-term ownership.

Recognising the contribution we make to Australia’s major cities, our purpose, Reimagine Urban Life, inspires us to question how and why we do things. With a strong focus on our customers, we’re asked to think about how we can redefine the landscape and create more sustainable, connected and vibrant urban environments, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Our Internship Program

Mirvac’s vision is setting the standard as a world-class Australian property group that attracts the best of the best! As a leader in the Australian development and construction industry, our employees benefit from working in a flexible and innovative working environment, strong leadership, clear career development opportunities and a wealth of health and wellbeing programs.


Interns are our future leaders! We are looking for people with the right combination of skills and values to drive our vision and strategy across our diverse business.

With opportunities across multiple areas of our diverse business for our Internship Program we will be recruiting penultimate year students from the following disciplines:

  • Construction Management
  • Mirvac Design (Graphic Design & Architecture*)
  • Property Development
  • Finance & Business insights (Traditional Finance & Financial Analytics)
  • Marketing
  • Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Procurement
  • Tax
  • Innovation
  • Investor Relations & Communications

*All internships in the areas above are accepting applications from Penultimate year students, with the exception for our Architectural Design Internship which will only be accepting Masters students.


Areas of Study

The following areas of study will be ideal for each of these internship opportunities based upon the activities and projects you will have exposure to work on.

Construction Management Internships

Study Area: Construction Management, Engineering (most engineering disciplines), Mechatronics/Robotics

Mirvac Design Internships

Graphic Design

Study Area: Graphic Design, Design

Architecture Design

Study Area: Master of Architecture

Property Development Internships

Study Area: Property, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Property Economics, Planning, Housing

Finance & Business insights (Traditional Finance & Financial Analytics) Internships

Study Area: Information Systems, Mathematics & Computing, Computer Science, Statistics/Analytics, Finance, Economics, Commerce, Business

Marketing Internship

Study Area: Media or Communications, Property, Architecture, Commerce, Marketing

Safety Internship

Study Area: Master of Occupational Hygiene, HSE, Engineering, Risk

Human Resources Internship

Study Area: HR

Legal Internship

Study Area: Law

Procurement Internship

Study Area: Applied Science in Data Analytics, Procurement, Information Technology

Tax Internship

Study Area: Commerce, Economics, Business, Finance, Mathematics, Law (strong interest in Tax)

Innovation Internship

Study Area: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Customer Strategy

Investor Relations & Communications Internship

Study Area: Finance, Accounting, Communications, Marketing, Management

Mirvac Internship Program