One Planet Living at Marrick & Co.

7th October 2020

Using our fair share of the Earth's resources.

Creating more environmentally and socially sustainable communities is something we strive for at Mirvac, and at Marrick & Co in Sydney’s inner-west we’re really pushing the boundaries.

Marrick & Co is the first residential development in NSW to gain certification as a One Planet Living community, an initiative of Bioregional and its partners to make truly sustainable living a reality. To receive One Planet Living accreditation, developments must be designed in accordance with 10 principles across carbon, waste, transport, materials, food, water, wildlife, community, economy and happiness.

Working closely with the Inner-West Council, Mirvac is set to deliver a range of environmental features at Marrick & Co, including rainwater capture and reuse, LED lighting, electric car charge points and bicycle storage. Worm farms and composting facilities will help to reduce food waste, while a rooftop kitchen will be provided for residents who want to grow their own food.

The sustainability initiatives at Marrick & Co. and its One Planet Living endorsement strongly appealed to future residents, Owen and Kerrie Sargeant.

“We do have concerns about the future our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will inherit. We feel better about investing in something that makes a contribution to the community,” said Owen.

A free battery recycling service has also recently been introduced to help residents of Marrick & Co and the inner-west community dispose of their old batteries more easily, saving hundreds of batteries from phones, laptops, toys and gadgets from ending up in landfill.

“The idea of giving back resonates strongly at Mirvac, and with this small gesture we can provide a practical community and environmental benefit,” said General Manager of Residential NSW, Toby Long.

We’re also targeting a 95 per cent diversion of construction waste at site from landfill, in line with the Group’s target to divert zero waste to landfill by 2030.

And recognising the social benefits of happy and healthy communities, we’re offering a year of free fitness classes that will be hosted on The Common, one of many open green spaces at Marrick & Co.

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