Smart Solar Packages at Woodlea

4th November 2020

Mirvac's smart solar packaged townhomes at Woodlea are empowering residents to save money on electricity bills.

Mirvac launches smart solar packaged townhomes at Wooldea to help combat rising energy costs

In a bid to help its customers combat rising residential electricity prices, Mirvac is launching a first-of-its-kind smart solar package across townhouses at Australia’s fastest growing masterplanned community, Woodlea, which it is delivering with Victoria Investments and Properties.

Mirvac’s $20,000 smart solar system, which will be offered to purchasers at no extra cost, includes a 5.1kW solar panel system, 10kW battery and 5kW inverter. The system will provide households with web-enabled system monitoring so that households can understand their energy generation and consumption from the solar system and the grid. It is expected the system will help residents save up to 80 per cent on their electricity bills.

According to Australian Energy Regulator Ausgrid Network, residential electricity prices have doubled over the last 10 years, causing a strain on the average household budget.

“Rising electricity costs is a concern for Victorians state-wide and although solar usage is on the rise, it’s not attainable for all households due to the hefty up front cost of installation”, said Woodlea Project Director, Matthew Dean.

“We’re aiming to unlock these benefits for everyday Australians by offering a smart solar package as standard across our Mirvac townhouse offering at Woodlea. And by understanding and learning a household’s energy use pattern, the system can be smart about when to store solar power and when to sell surplus solar back to the grid”, Mr Dean said.

Upon completion, Woodlea will be home to over 20,000 residents.

For more information on Woodlea, visit their website here.


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