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Timeless luxury in vogue

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There are clues to the signature design style of Rebecca Caratti in the clothes she wears. Timeless classics that are of the moment but with a cut and quality that reflect well upon its wearer.

Utrecht armchairs in deep blue velvet add warmth and texture to the Trielle Galleria living room and bar

Invited to style the Trielle Display Galleria on Melbourne’s Yarra’s Edge waterfront, the Editor in Chief of the influential design bible Vogue Living, has lent the same ageless quality to interiors that whisper quiet luxury and refined style.

They are a perfect match to interiors that display the same attention to detail, adherence to quality natural materials and elevated craftsmanship.

Quiet luxury is a term interchangeable with the “stealth wealth” label that shone bright in the fashion firmament for a moment but whose glow is already beginning to flicker and fade. That transience is the very opposite of what Ms Caratti seeks to achieve in interiors where the time and craft that go into making a quality piece lend it a lifespan that few fashion pieces enjoy


“For me, the key to design is timelessness and that is simply a factor of making something that is functional and beautiful.”


Vogue Living Editor-in-Chief and Trielle design muse


The Trielle Sub-penthouse kitchen benchtop in the Luminosa scheme

“One of the greatest things about design is that it is not a trend focused industry,” says Ms Caratti. “I spent 15 years of my career working in fashion. I saw designers creating up to six collections a year; the pace of it was insane.

“I stepped into design and they take time. For me, the key to design is timelessness and that is simply a factor of making something that is functional and beautiful.”

It’s a philosophy she has expressed in the Trielle Display Galleria where every piece has a storied design provenance. The LC4 chaise by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, the Utrecht armchair, the Cassina sofa.

“The LC4 was designed in 1928 and that piece is still relevant now, even more so. The Utrecht chair is luxe but simple at the same time.

"These are all beautiful timeless classics with strong design roots. I’ve played a lot with texture; the cream boucle sofa that is soft and subtle, the dark blue velvet of the armchair that always feels luxurious. It all worked so beautifully.

“The beauty of the Mario Bellini chairs lie in their simplicity and functionality, the absence of tricks and frills that stand the test of time.”

Simplicity is a word that Ms Caratti applies often to her selection of pieces yet the visual impact is more powerful than the word suggests.

“There’s a moment when you walk into someone’s house and see something that is interesting and different,” says Ms Caratti.

“You can make that impactful impression through a few statement pieces. The shape of the sofa is really quite unusual. It’s a low sofa which nowadays is considered almost retro. Its silhouette is interesting as is the chaise. In both pieces there is a softness and strength in the design.”

“Creating a great home is about beautiful pieces and what you love. If a home is going to be incredible it has to have soul and a personality” 


Editor in Chief, Vogue Living

Custom-designed jewelled basins

While the colour palette is predominantly monochromatic, pops of blue have been chosen to play on the reflection of the river and sky; a subtle reminder of Trielle’s riverside location within minutes of the city.

Luxury can mean different things to different people. To Ms Caratti it is all about comfort and surrounding yourself with the things you love.

“I’m asked often what luxury means and it is so dependent on your life and purpose. To me it means comfort, in an elevated and stylish way of course. I have a vintage Mario Bellini sofa which the children are learning to respect.

“Good design is functional and it can also create memories. I remember as a kid playing on an LC4 chaise.”

It’s a reminder that a luxurious and stylish home is not solely a showcase of designer labels but a true expression of yourself, filled with objects collected over many years, capturing memories of special moments in time.

“Creating a great home is about beautiful pieces and investing in what you love. If a home is going to be incredible it has to have soul and a personality. I like a big collection of books that people actually read or little ceramics collected on travels. Things that I actually love.”

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Sub-penthouse walk-in-robe

Custom-designed jewelled bathtubs by Apaiser for Trielle

The timeless LC4 chaise, designed in 1928 looking right at home in the Sub-penthouse living room in the Display Galleria


Timeless luxury in vogue