From Office to Omni-Channel

17th June 2021

Mirvac has launched a new discussion paper, ‘From Office to Omni-Channel - The Rise of Omni-Channel Working in the Digital Age'

The Rise of Omni-Channel Working 

It goes without saying that our world has changed drastically since the pandemic – but what are the emerging trends that are shaping a desirable employee experience? And how do businesses need to adapt their workplaces in response?

At Mirvac, we’ve defined this new era as one of omni-channel working, and have released a discussion paper exploring the topic.

What is omni-channel working?
‘Omni-channel’ is a term that has been borrowed from the retail sector, where it refers to the seamless convergence of online and real-life experiences. In the context of the new workplace, ‘omni-channel’ encapsulates all of this and more. Essentially, it is new approach to work where employees have the level of choice they demand – and the sense of togetherness they crave.

What is the role of the office in this emerging model?
Far from becoming obsolete, the office is proving to be a core part of an integrated workplace platform, from which employers can provide their workforce a true omni-channel experience.

At Mirvac, we have done a deep dive into which organisations are leading the way in omni-channel working globally, uncovering the strategies that help them succeed. From synchronous and asynchronous ways of working, to enabling technologies, there is certainly much to consider.

You can download a free copy of the white paper below.

From Office to Omni-Channel: The Rise of the Omni-Channel Worker in the Digital Age


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