South Eveleigh, Sydney

A consultative approach. As one of Sydney’s most significant inner city redevelopment sites, local residents and the Sydney community have a deep vested interest in development outcomes.

Mirvac has been undertaking community engagement in many forums since November 2015 and will continue to engage with the community throughout the development. Mirvac is committed to setting a new standard for community engagement, ensuring the community are involved in all stages of the development, from initial consultation through to the ongoing management of the precinct. Mirvac have appointed a dedicated community liaison officer and external consultant JBA to manage the ongoing consultation and communication with the public.

Community Hub

The vision for South Eveleigh has been uniquely co-created by Mirvac and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the anchor tenant for the site. In an industry first, Mirvac partnered with CBA to develop the original tender for the site, seeing the companies collaborate on each step of the development planning, leading to a powerful shared vision that both organisations are working towards together.

Upon completion in 2020, the new precinct will deliver a state of the art work and lifestyle destination for approximately 18,000 workers with the three CBA buildings bringing 10,000 new workers to the site. The activated retail and public spaces will be carefully curated to meet the needs of today’s modern, flexible workforce as well as the wider community, including a retail mix of al fresco cafes, dining, a gym, pop-up events and a supermarket, creating a village hub. In this way the site will welcome, celebrate and enrich the lives of its communities, pioneering new standards in commercial campus design.

Mirvac has also become an active member of the community, having been involved in many local events, such as Heritage Day. Mirvac are supporting a range of local groups such as the Tribal Warriors, Redfern All-Blacks, Alexandria Scout Group, Counter Point Community Services and the Milk Crate Theatre through a community grants program.

Technology and Innovation

South Eveleigh will become a world-class technology and innovation hub that will bolster Sydney’s standing as a truly global city.

Set to become home to some of Australia’s leading companies and technological minds, Mirvac and partners will continue the site’s reputation as one of Australia’s technological powerhouses through initiatives such as the $2.1million innovation and technology incubator fund. In addition, Mirvac has established a collaborative working space on site that fosters and encourages innovative thinking to allow companies to come together and co-create the next big ideas.

Embracing the past and delivering for the future

At the heart of Sydney’s thriving economic trade in the late 19th Century, the Eveleigh Railway Workshops were the birthplace of Australia’s national rail network and the country’s successful industrialisation. The rich historical character of the site provides many opportunities to celebrate the significance of the precinct’s heritage.

The revitalisation of the site is the first critical piece of the Central to Eveleigh corridor transformation and will be a catalyst for the surrounding neighbourhoods, greater Sydney and Australia.


In February 2018 South Eveleigh reached a significant milestone with the official Topping Out of the first building ahead of schedule. Mirvac’s CEO & Managing Director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz said, “The topping out of Building 1, ahead of schedule, underlines the significant progress that has been achieved in the past 12 months since construction began. It represents an exciting step towards the realisation of a world-class technology and innovation hub for Sydney that both celebrates the site’s rich heritage and sets new standards in commercial campus design.”

Building 2 is also well-advanced and expected to top out in September 2018, with Building 3 also expected to top out mid-2018.