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18th November 2020

Mirvac has one of the greenest office and industrial portfolios in the country, with leading sustainability credentials and a number of awards that celebrate its sustainability achievements.

During FY20, we were thrilled to achieve Mirvac’s fourth 5.5 star NABERS Energy rated building at 380 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, which represents market-leading performance under the NABERS rating scale.

380 St Kilda Road had a 3.5 star NABERS  Energy rating in 2012. The team has worked on improving energy efficiency, by enhancing the building’s metering system, optimising the HVAC system, installing LED lighting, and upgrading the chiller plant, and over the past eight years the building has reduced its greenhouse emissions by an incredible 70 per cent. Over the same period, the NABERS Water rating at 380 St Kilda Road has improved from 3.5 stars to 5 stars, with water usage reducing by 44 per cent. Optimisation of the HVAC system was again key to this result, along with the installation of new cooling towers and through the team’s close monitoring of water consumption through utility and sub metering. As well as having a positive environmental impact, the improvements to the building have resulted in operational savings of over $450,000 per year, which is great for our tenants, our partners and our investors.

In addition to this, the team at David Malcolm Justice Centre, Perth secured the second highest NABERS Waste rating in the country through a focuson tenant engagement, resource recovery and improving contamination rates. The 5.5 star rating is the highest rating in WA. The asset, which has nine different waste and recycling streams, reported a 77 per cent diversion from landfill at the end of April 2020.

Maximising energy efficiency is central to our plan to be net positive carbon by 2030. Across Mirvac’s office portfolio, we monitor utility usage extensively through sub metering, analytics and a diagnostic platform. This helps our in-house team of sustainability engineers and facility managers to scrutinise performance, and identify and rectify any system anomalies. In conjunction with this, our passionate team also undertakes night audits across the portfolio to physically identify opportunities to optimise efficiency and performance. This approach, combined with prudent capital expenditure, has delivered market-leading NABERS performance, with three 6 star and four 5.5 star NABERS Energy ratings across the portfolio.

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Mirvac acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters of Australia, and we offer our respect to their Elders past and present.  

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