Become the “House With No Bills” Study Family


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    You could be the “House With No Bills” Study Family

    An important part of the “House with No Bills” Study is the family of four
    that will live-and-breathe the experiment for a 12 month period. 

    Mirvac are searching for a key worker family of four who will live in the first ‘House with No Bills’ over a 12 month period, rent free. In an industry-first initiative, Mirvac will follow the family’s energy usage within the home to uncover how “average” families consume energy and how the house design and associated sustainable technology performs.

    By gathering data on the trial family’s everyday energy consumption, this study will shed light on how to best roll-out this home model on a wider scale.

    The study is an important step towards creating affordable energy efficient communities across Australia. The adoption of greater sustainable and green building practices in residential communities could be achieved by offering such market-based solutions to buyers like the ‘House with No Bills’.

    Does Your Family Qualify? 

    In order to qualify as the potential ‘House with No Bills’ Study Family, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Household structure: Family of two adults over the age of 21 with two children aged under 18 years.
    • Family category: ‘Key worker’ family with at least one parent in the household currently employed in a care based industry such as education, nursing or emergency services.

    Mirvac hopes the financial benefit of living without rent and bills for a year will help the deserving family save enough money to buy their own home after the experiment.

    How To Apply

    Applying to become our “House with No Bills” Study Family is easy, simply follow these steps:

    HouseEmblem_80x115pxl1. Prepare and upload an audition video.

    The video should be no longer than 2 minutes and should illustrate why your family are the perfect candidates for the “House with No Bills” study. (Instructions on how to upload a video to you tube can be found below).

    HouseEmblem_80x115pxl2. Fill in the online application form located below.

    If you think you fit the bill, please submit your online application below, together with an audition video no longer than 2 minutes, illustrating why your family are perfect candidates for the “House with No Bills” study.

    Submissions open: 12pm, Friday 8th December, 2017. 
    Submissions Close: 5pm, Wednesday 31st January, 2018. 

    Terms & Conditions Apply. View terms & conditions >

    Instructions for uploading YouTube video:

    1. Sign into your YouTube account
    2. Click the upload icon
    3. Where the drop down says ‘public’, click it and change to ‘unlisted’
    4. Click the upload icon to upload
    5. Select the file
    6. Rename video to your name
    7. Once upload is complete, click ‘done’
    8. Click on video
    9. Copy video URL
    10. Paste into ‘Video URL’ section in form

    Please submit your details in the form below to enter the competition to become the House with no Bills study family.

  • “House with no Bills” Study Family Entry Form


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