Mirvac's 2020 Modern Slavery Statement

13th January 2021

Our first Modern Slavery Statement outlines our ongoing approach to identifying and managing our modern slavery risks.

Mirvac is committed to being ethical, fair and transparent. It’s underpins one of our values, to do the right thing, and supports our ambition to be a force for good. This means we uphold, respect and promote the human rights of everyone – from those employed in our operations right through to those employed with our suppliers.

In line with the Modern Slavery Act 2018, we look at our exposure to one of the worst forms of human rights violations, modern slavery, and where it may be present in our operations and our supply chains. We also remain focused on establishing effective governance structures and building our capability to address this important issue.

Our first Modern Slavery Statement outlines our ongoing approach to identifying and managing our modern slavery risks. Some highlights over the past 12 months in this area include:

  • mapping our supply chain to see the categories and locations where our risk is most significant; and
  • undertaking a peer-reviewed traceability study into our cleaning supply chain, a key risk area for Mirvac.

We’ve also been working collaboratively with other leading Australian businesses and our industry peers to ensure best practice, as well as working closely with our suppliers so that we can start to reduce modern slavery further down our supply chains.

It’s important that we work together to create meaningful and sustainable change.