Our Suppliers

We partner with our suppliers and develop a relationship to work within the organisational values.

It’s important to us to make sure that both parties have goals and values that align with each other to help boost innovation capabilities, reliability and quality. 

Mirvac has also committed to invest $100 million in the social enterprise sector by 2030 – and one of the key ways we can make this investment is through procurement. We are long-standing members of Supply Nation and Social Traders, who have helped us build working relationships with many social enterprises.

What about small business suppliers?

Mirvac works with many small businesses and we know that for them, prompt payment is especially important. That’s why we’ve signed up to the Australian Supplier Payment Code. Developed by the Business Council of Australia, this voluntary code requires signatories to pay Australian small business suppliers within 30 days of receiving either a correct invoice or product.

Given the current business climate, Mirvac wants to do more, and we are endeavouring to pay our Small Business Suppliers within five days of receipt of a valid invoice.

In order to achieve a target of five days, we need the assistance of our small suppliers. To ensure we can pay our small suppliers promptly, please:

  • Ensure you receive a Purchase Order (PO) from Mirvac before you provide any goods or services
  • Put the PO number on the invoice you submit to Mirvac once you have despatched / delivered the goods or services
  • Make sure you send invoices to one of the valid email addresses (please do not send any invoices to an individuals’ email address)