Planning Your Return to Work

2nd June 2020

Re-entering the workplace requires careful consideration for both tenants and landlords. Mirvac aims to work with all our customers to ensure a smooth re-entry process.

We anticipate that all tenants will have a business continuity or "Return to Office" plan in place. This might include staggered start times, a staged return to the office as well as increased, ongoing, remote working for parts of the workforce. It is recommended that tenants collaborate with their Mirvac building management teams to ensure a coordinated and ultimately efficient ‘whole of building’ approach.

It is recommended that tenants advise Mirvac of the following information as a part of their individual “Return to Office” plans:

  • Steps taken to communicate (and ensure) the social distancing recommendations, outlined by the Government, will be adhered to within the building and individual tenancies;
  • Proposed date of return to the office;
  • Whether you are considering a staged return, and if so, what is the anticipated proportion of staff returning and will this be staged / increased over days / weeks (please provide specific number)?
  • Whether you are considering staged arrival and departure times for your staff?
  • A point of contact from your business for the Building Community Working Group; and
  • Nomination of some team members to represent your business and assist the building community with lobby management by being visible at peak teams during the initial return to the office phase .

For assistance in planning, please visit:

Building Community Working Group

Mirvac’s site teams will be in touch with our tenants on a regular basis to outline Mirvac’s plans for the base building areas, as well as to hear from you about your return to the office plans. We will also establish a Building Community Working Group, for each of our buildings, which we will use to communicate the overall building plan to all tenants.  We anticipate this will change on a weekly basis as businesses return to the workplace. For this to work, we ask that all our tenants nominate a key point of contact within your business for our teams to liaise with as part of the Building Community Working Group.

You can download the below flyer for easy reference if required.